Saturday, December 10, 2011

How does a catalytic converter break and what are the effects?

I have a 98 volvo s70. The check engine light randomly came on while I was driving down the highway at about 70mph. I made it home and made one trip since. The car rattles when I hit the gas sometimes and it's horrible when going up hills. (The speed drops 20mph and almost doesnt make it.) I havent had it checked out, and its been a few weeks. What are the chances that its the catalytic converter, how did it happen so suddenly and how much would it cost be fixed?|||sounds like you have figured out what is wrong. What happens is the catalytic converter deterioates from the inside out and creates a restriction in your exhaust. You have probably noticed that it is getting hotter than normal too...hence the rattling in the engine. you need to have this fixed right away or it will ruin your engine. Loss of power...over heating...normally a converter. as far as cost...just depend on the garage you take it to and where you live...could be upwards of $500 or just over $100....if you go to the are looking at the higher price...go to a muffler shop and it will cost much less...but get it done as soon as possible before it creates more problems and more cost.|||just add eventually the car will idol rough and could even stall if you remove the sensor from the pipe you will notice a difference in the idol if you do you know it is cloged,broken for sure just a trick i learnt of a mechanic mate thats the fast way to check instead of drilling the pipe

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|||poor gas mileage, loss of power, overheating, and a check engine light on. are some symptoms, like already stated, you need to change it pretty soon, its not something you can just leave around until you have time, you should buy a new catilytic converter if u can, if you wanna do it the illegal way, you take it out, and punch it out using a pipe or something, its cheaper, but illegal, but then again you get alittle bit more performance out of it|||I would get it checked out, if the whole car shakes it might be something in the engine.

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