Saturday, December 24, 2011

What can i do about a clogged catalytic converter?

my catalytic converter is clogged, can i repair it or do i need to replace it?|||Catalytic converter internally looks like a honeycomb. It is made of ceramic and can break if hot and submerged in water or run through a car wash that sprays cold water under the vehicle.

Or could have gotten clogged by carbon from a poorly running engine.

Either way It will have to be replaced, there is no unclogging or rebuilding of this part.|||Unfortunately you will have to buy a new catalytic converter. What has happen is the ceramic material has melted together and no longer purging the fumes of your exhaust. Sorry for the bad news. Some mechanics will tell you to either remove you catalytic converter and just put straight pipe but once you do that then you will have problems with your 02 sensors. Plus, in most states, a missing or modified catalytic converter is illegal. Catalytic converters, when operating properly cleans a lot of carbon from the exhaust.|||Some people have been known to cut the pipe after the converter,ram a pipe inside it to break up the honeycomb,start the engine to blow out the pieces,then reconnect the pipe.This is probably illegal in some circumstances.|||Only legal way is to replace it. Other option based on car over 12 years is to hollow it out. Car would need to be older than 1996 to do it correctly.|||your cat will be full of things called baffles you will not be able to stick anything in there without breaking these baffles

i'm afraid you need a new cat|||THEY MAKE CONVERTER CLEANER( which is a liquid you pour in your gas tank) BUT IF ITS TOO CLOGGED IT WONT WORK, SO YOU MIGHT HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE|||Replace it,no way to clean them out.

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