Saturday, December 24, 2011

Can driving a car with a bad catalytic converter cause engine damage?

The car still runs and drives fine, just makes loud exhaust noise because of the cracked catalytic converter. I was wondering if it was safe to keep driving the vehicle, or if it may cause engine damage by driving it long distances like that.. Please let me know, I don't want to blow anything up lol.|||Your gas millage will decrease and you wont pass emissions. Temporary is ok but you should get it fixed. The sooner the better because it will save you gas money in the long run.|||Driving the car with a bad catalytic converter will not make the car blow up. All it will do is make a weired sound. You could run the car without any exhaust at all and would not hurt the car but would sure be loud. I would make sure that the converter gets changed quick because if the car is newer then 1984 then if a cop finds out that you are running the car with a bad converter then they can go right to your window and take your inspection sticker off and have your car impounded so I would not blow off getting it fixed. If would like to talk to me for a little more help then you can email me at|||Yes, it will. Its a little costly, but you need to have that thing fixed. I ignored one in a Ford that I used to drive, and it turned cherry red one night and nearly wrecked the whole engine.|||it will burn your valves up causing major problems. but it would take it awhile for it to do that but i wouldnt drive it everywhere i go for a long period of time.|||Won't cause engine damage. It will not work as effectively at reducing harmfulemissionss into the atmosphere

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